About BoTW's Link Clothes

  • Not sure if making this thread in theories or if leaving this as a mere observation.

    At the start of :TLoZ:: Breath of The Wild, Link find old clothes in a chest. The clothes not only look worn out but also look like they are a size smaller for Link, specially Link's pants.

    This is something that had crossed my mind briefly but I didn't give it much thought until I found the following image in Azabet's tumblr.

    Azabet's idea makes sense.
    Could it be that Link's original age before using the Revival chamber was of a younger self?
    The idea of reanimating a body that has been slowed down like in different sci-fi stories doesn't seem that far-fetched for the game.

    The problem for me was in the name. The idea of Link needing a revival chamber implies that Link died, but it doesn't really make sense that Link is revived with some years on him.

    Before finding this post I was even throwing the whole essence of the Hero in the mix to try to imagine what this could mean. As in the change in age could be because he was now hosting the Spirit of the Hero.

    Anyway, what do you think?

  • Obviously I'm a little behind here...why are we assuming his aging process is slowed?

    An old/young switch could be really fun, actually. Time travel was interesting in OoT, and it's something they could probably do a lot more with on modern hardware.

  • Obviously I'm a little behind here... why are we assuming his aging process is slowed?

    At some point during the E3's demo it was mentioned that Link had been 'asleep' for 100 years before waking up in the resurrection chamber.

    He wakes up in undies on the chamber and he finds those worn out clothes. So to connect the rest this all just assumptions: Assuming those clothes belonged to him and that they are meant to be worn by a smaller person. Assuming those two things, it makes sense to think that he grew-up while in that chamber.