What's your overall opinion of Twilight Princess?

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    I've heard many different things but in past years it seemed like the bandwagon of cool was to dislike TP. Very funny as Midna was funnily enough usually praised.

    For me the game was alright, while some parts reminded me of past games I felt it was differently enough, plus I enjoyed the easter eggs from Ocarina like the picture at the fishing den or that the girl scratches just like the Lake Hylia owner used to, haha.

    I want to play it again. I've only finished this game once.

  • Twilight Princess was alright, although I personally preferred Majora's Mask and Wind Waker over it. Nintendo was trying the whole "dark" idea.. but with Twilight Princess, it was too dark. The graphics and mechanics of the game was perfect, flawless even.. but the story over all was sorta sad for me to even consider a really good Zelda game up to date.

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    Twilight Princess was alright, although I personally preferred Majora's Mask and Wind Waker over it. Nintendo was trying the whole "dark" idea.. but with Twilight Princess, it was too dark. The graphics and mechanics of the game was perfect, flawless even.. but the story over all was sorta sad for me to even consider a really good Zelda game up to date.

    It is the first time I heard the story being too dark for a Zelda game being the reason to not consider it a really good zelda game. I never stop top think about it. I guess the intro regarding Twilight being a melancholic time of the day is the general ambientation.

  • It's a pretty chill game. I actually like the different approach on the story. Playing it again I know i felt the story was a bit forced but it was a while ago so I really couldn't pin what gave me that feeling at the time.

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    I only just started it, so I really don't have a whole lot to say about it yet. But so far I don't like what I see.

    The opening of the game is slow, tedious, repetitive, dialogue heavy, filled with annoying anime cliches. It's just an unpleasant way to open the game, and it makes me really disinterested in picking the game up again.

    Also, Link turning into a wolf feels dumb to me. But I'll still need to see how that goes.

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    I had forgotten Illia is the walking anime cliché at the beginning of the game.

    I don't recall if it is the case with this game but while I usually don't mind the a-normal-day tour of chores to get you familiar with the game it gets quote frustrating in the subsequents times you start a new file if you can't just skip them and get on to the free reign part already.

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    I think it's apt to make a comparison of the openings of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.

    Ocarina of Time's opening is shorter, and most of the tutorial stuff is optional. A lot of the length in Twilight Princess opening comes from cutscenes that are wayyy too long, and that god damned fishing minigame that isn't even a little bit fun. Oh, and then there's the goat herding, which you have to do twice.

    Zelda games aren't that complicated. Tutorials aren't really needed at all, and if they insist on including them, then they ought to keep them short.

    There's also the issue of tone. How does Ocarina of Time begin? A fairy flies into your room and wakes you up shouting "SHIT IS GETTING REAL! GET YOUR ASS UP OUTTA BED! THERE'S BAD STUFF GOING ON! GO GET A SWORD! GO GET A SHIELD! NOW GET YOUR ASS INTO THE DUNGEON!"

    The opening of OoT isn't perfect, but there's urgency there. Something is happening. There's adventure to be had.

    In contrast, the opening of Twilight Princess includes:
    1. Performing routine horse care.
    2. Going to your day job.
    3. Doing odd-jobs around town.
    4. Being told that you're being entrusted with the ever-so exciting task of...a delivery job.


    I've got at least 2 hours of gameplay time under my belt at this point, and the game has yet to pick up any steam. During the brief intermissions between cutscenes, I've yet to actually be allowed to swing a sword. There was some dumb thing about a bunch of kids I didn't care about getting captured, and I kept thinking "Okay, is this where I get to start playing the game? To save the kids?" But no, then they turn you into a dog. Which, whatever. I think it's dumb, but I'm not going to shit on the idea. It was an odd choice, an experimentation, kudos to them for trying something. Unfortunately, they fucked it up. The jingle-jangle of that god-damned chain around your leg is ear-bleedingly maddening. Midna is somehow even more annoying than Navi ever was. And blah blah blah, boring story boring story, something about light spirits, then I got to fight a few guys as a dog. The introduction cutscenes for the enemies took longer than the actual fight against those enemies did. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeerg.

    I'm really hoping I can eventually get SOMETHING out of this game. (Well, something other than the self-important feeling I get from hating something as hard as I hate Twilight Princess so far).

  • I agree, the game's introduction is way too long, but once you play through it enough, you'll be swinging swords and (if you're like me, raging cause you keep dieing.) It's not the best Zelda game, but I like it.

  • Love it.

    It's a unique, standalone flavour of Zelda gaming. The music is great, I love the pagan atmospheres in it, the way you start imagining what place these events have in the grand Zelda timeline. It has very new ways of playing, such as the wolf mode. I'm a sucker for the intro; the way Link swings his sword after a well-fought battle; the realism; and the Hyrule version in the game. And the orchestral tracks!

    After Skyward Sword, TP was overshadowed. Playing TP now, so much seems off, like character designs being nowhere near as stylized and thorough; the emo flavour of the story can't match the epic stories of many other Zelda games; gameplay is lacking in comparison; etc. So I find myself much rather giving Skyward Sword another spin, or Wind Waker, than going back to TP. But I will.

    Of course, part of the charm is that I got this game together with my Wii on a midnight release.

  • Now my opinion, it's almost perfect for me. The things i dislike of the game was only the over stylized characters on the realistic textures... was... weird... but no so uch more, the history was amazing, I loved the twili history and Zant has villian as better than Ganondorf... until you fight him... was... weird to... another cliche anime thing, an enemy that in the beginning looks powerfull and imposing, and in the end turns crazy... in the bad way...

    But the criticized opening for me was... just beautyfull, that gives you the sense of the character being more human, with a life, with family (kind of), with work, with love, and then the tragedy and the wolf transformation, a wolf was the perfect choise for that, because the thematic goes perfectly with the darkness of the game, it's a powerfull animal, what animal could be better for this @LinkSkywalker ?

    In contrast the OoT was a like bit more like a Fairy tail, a forest were live magic children/fairies who never grown and are protected by a tree... yes... that makes me fell closer to the character.