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    Those pictures are really adorable. He is going to have you running in no time, haha.
    I like the muffin shirt.

    My son told me that he does not like his 2DS anymore and would like it so much better if I gave him either my new 3DS XL or my new 2DS XL.

    I think your son is pretty smart, haha. :lol:

    I can say. I am not that excited for it.

    Hahaha. That's alright.
    I think I like how the opinions in this community are all over the place, it makes for some interesting threads learning about the different perceptions.

    Did you ever try playing any of the past Luigi's Mansion games?

    Right now I am pretty happy with the switch. It is growing on me, if it wasn't because the joycons are a joke in durability before they start drifting, no matter how often you try to clean them to avoid dust accumulation around the sticks, and the headaches with the Nintendo Online service.

    The Nintendo 64 is probably the one I esteem the most, due its sense of familiarity. it was one of the consoles that brought me through gaming a lot of the biggest moments of my impressionable younger years. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was like living a fairytale. And just on its own that game caused a big impact in my decisions impacting me today. I'm a admin here, I married Dave and moved to Australia, I learned English, chose this nickname and I made a lot of my online friends because of this game.
    Nintendo had a good gallery with the sequel Majora's Mask, The first Super Smash Bros. which was something so unreal back in the day. Something you'd joke about but never expected Nintendo to pull.
    Then you have Rareware games too like Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Jet Force Gemini, Diddy Kong Racing, Conker's Bad Fur Day.

    The 3DS was before the switch on a close race against my other favorite system, it had the remakes of OoT and MM. It had other N64 games coming as well as the possibility to buy all the Ace Attorney games and portable Zelda games. I liked that even if you didn't have a game, it came with that AR games to entertain you. Honestly I don't think I will be putting that console away anytime soon. I almost feel taht it might just be my favorite one when I think things objectively, except that the battery life of my new 3DS XL is a lot shorter than the first smaller consoles.

    Misery is probably my favorite of Stephen King, movie and book. It feels like a more tangible fear for me to be stuck at the mercy of another human being. That said, I have tried to read the popular ones like the Carrie and the Shinning. I think too the Shinning was pretty good. i like how it'd explain the kids fear and the what was going in the head of different characters.

    Right now I am reading 1984 by George Orwell, it was a longtime coming I had in my bucket list. I wanted to read this book at least once before I die, so I am close to manage that. I can see why many people can draw parallelism with today society, it can put you to think and question how much of what you know is really true and how much is just stuff you believe because that's what everyone around you says it is. The prose is outdated so it might not flow as good as a more recent book, but it is not as disruptive either, I find I can ease myself into it.

    I am pretty excited about it. I think the switch is going to be an excellent console for it.

    I am hoping to have ghosts with distinct personalities like in the first game and a better multiplayer playability than what I heard the second game had.

    I haven't played this game at all. I haven't been attracted to 3D Mario games. I know, I know. probably missinga lot.

    I might give it a go once I reduce my backlog of switch games.

    Oooh, I played the one on the gamecube, I don't own the 3DS one but I am almost certain Dave does, so I could still try and play it.

    Right now I play with my 3DS mostly to finish Bravely Default and to play online.

    They outright refused lol. They refunded the 2 year warranty of 20$ though.

    So... Their repair with the guarantee you bought which was worth over a hundred didn't work out, so they just refunded the extra money you payed to add the guarantee thy couldn't honor.

    That so generous of them. X/
    I guess we knew it was a long shot.

    I am pretty sure good old Sardonic Pickle got one somewhere.

    I missed owning a GBA. I had a Gameboy and Gameboy color.

    I finally could play the GBA titles when i got the Nintendo DS Lite.

    As for games I think I only had The Minish Cap and I think an Ace Attorney game. Now I've played some from dave's collection and bought one or two that I have added to my backlog like Chrono Trigger!

    I bought my son a 2DS for christmas, and he just beat Ganon yesterday.

    He is only 5 years old and he dominated OoT. He has more Skulltulas, and heartpieces than I do.

    That's pretty awesome. It is really cool your kid has been able to go this far already.
    Looking forward to see him in some years around the community, hahaha.

    Sounds like our future boss in on the making.

    In order to keep an eye on my groups and pages, I keep my Facebook profile, but it is not a personal account. I tend to visit just for the pages and skip the timeline. I basically have Nintendo and Zelda pages rather than people show at the top anyway.

    I use Twitter more these days. I have made a lot of lists so a lot of people I don't implicitly give a follow I still can check through those lists. I've been trying that way to cut the amount of people I follow but I am hopeless. One of the lists I called it index and is where I like to land in my twitter rather than the main one, that list has less than 10 people that I am actually to keep in touch and some others that just post cool things to check out. I guess live in a bubble inside a bubble when it comes to twitter. :lol:

    I volunteered on another website and they use Skype more than discord, so I guess you miiight see me a bit more in Skype for the time being. :saint: To be fair, I mostly just open it to check in the group chat and exit, so not sure tto count this one. I still prefer to be contacted in discord.

    I use WhatsApp to keep in contact with my family.

    I am sorry guys, we have been defeated: Admin Loop beat us by 4 votes.

    Even if this year we couldn't make it as far as last one, I am still glad we entered the contest and really grateful to you all for supporting us with your votes and being such a good sports. I am hoping to use the steam we collected with the contest to promote our community more openly in ForumPromotion and try to get people interested in trying our community. Next year we are entering for sure, and I'd love to make some noise.

    Now, even if it is over for us, you guys can still go and have some fun with the tournament. If you'd like, can keep you up to date on the general results as they come in the replies. Maybe we can have some fun watching just how far each project goes. In my case I am curious on battle #25 since it is pairing two very good general gaming forums and in battle#27, where Admin Loops is fighting against Nightly Frights, the funny thing is that this forum is also Grimalkin's, same owner we shared our first round with. So I am very curious what the final score will be there.

    Awesome. I just wanted to make sure that you know I appreciate it and that I want you to keep speaking your mind with suggestions :^_^:

    Hahaha. I love that the first thing you have done is giving a warning to another account.

    Guys I tend to have less time during the weekend. Hopefully I can catch up properly tomorrow.

    By any chance do you have a discord account, Silent Lion?