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    The Ice Climber stage was fine and I didn't mind it at all but everyone I played with hated it so much -.-

    This looks like a good stage... but... it kinda hints that... that...

    ICE CLIMBERS ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bad news for me T_T I was good with them T_T

    Why does Homer Simpson offend Pagans? I don't understand. I don't see why he would, Homer hates going to church and even quit in one episode.

    As much as I hate persecution of the Pagans, I cannot understand why they would hate Homer as to wash him away.

    btw Simpsons pwn ^^

    Ok I've had enough of this Grey and Peleidian stuff. wtf is up with them? How do we KNOW they are here? Sure the "Alien Abductions" stories, but how do we know they are called the Greys? Did we just name them? I want answers; how do you people know -.-

    Oh and obviously there's life somewhere out there, in the millions upon millions of Galaxies and billions of planets in each, there's bound to be more than one that supports life, no matter how unlikely.

    Oh and interesting fact: A UFO is spotted every three minutes on Earth
    XD I think we're past the examining stage and into the invasion @_@

    Quote from Shrukan

    I sit here and type this out and let's say I decide to get a soda/pop. I just changed time lines because I COULD have continued to type and finish what I was saying, or I could come back later.

    Ok, I've got a great argument for that ^_^

    You say you decide to get a soda, but did YOU really decide? What are you based off of? What made you make that decision? It may be something in the room, but it also may lay in your upbringing/personality. SOMETHING surely made you get the soda, whether you think so or not. In the least, it might have been how you were brought up by your parents; how your personality was shapen. In the end, free will just comes out to be a one ended thing; something made you do it, and something else made that something do whatever it did to make you get a soda.

    Then again that had nothing to do with the timeline @_@

    Somehow, some way, I don't know how, but Farore, Din, and Nayru all got to Hyrule for TMC; they are the Oracles; their appearence is just too similar to deny, and if you know the Oracle Games well, you would know that the Oracles were to be escorted to Hyrule because it was becoming dangerous in their lands of Labrynna and Holodrum. I would say then that it is safe to assume that the Oracle Games are the Prequels to TMC. They somehow might have shifted through dimensions; I don't know, but they got there. The only thing I think we can assume is that one timeline either fell out or they both merged.

    There are two Hyrules; Old Hyrule and New Hyrule. It's simple to decide where each games go; compare the world maps; places, landmarks, people, etc. Then we can decide what's new and what's old. However, I found the prologue of AoL quite... confusing. Partially it made me think that the Zelda event happened thousands of years before AoL... Partially it made me think it had just happened. I might need to go over the AoL prologue again, I think we all should just for safety. But until then, it seems significantly different than the Hyrule in OoT and TP.

    If you think about it, everything must be traced back to OoT's Time Paradox... and the Adult and Child endings... if that is solved so is the Timeline. I really don't feel like solving it now @_@ but I feel sometimes that I've gotten so terribly close...

    I normally ignore ratings such as that and move on. I'm not like them; I'm terribly different and I don't think their opinion would make much of a difference on me.

    Can't say that for other people -.-

    Though with consistent patterns it can be a nuisance, having everyone say "OMFG HOW CAN YOU LIKE IT EVERYONE SAYS IT SUX" I say "You only say it sucks in your opinion -.- I happen not to agree with it -.-"

    To us, 400,000 may sound like a lot but it is really nothing in the world of the government.

    Not that I'm saying it was worth it -.- I think they really could draw it themselves or ask one of their friends to do it; hell, they could ask some random person with experience but not famous to make it; I think they'd get famous if they use it in the Olympics -.-

    And they really should use the old loops one; it brings us all together; there are seven; for the seven continents united, not a picture of colored & broken glass -.-

    Fyi I really like Navi -.-

    Exploding of cuteness ^^
    Exploding of intelligence ^^
    Getting killed because all the other fairies are jealous of her :'(
    She gets tired of flying all the time and her wings fall off :'(
    Too rapid a color change :'(
    Gets left behind by Link on Epona and gets lost and dies :'(
    She dies because everyone hates her >:(
    Navi and Tatl team up and Tatl betrays Navi and kills her :'(
    Navi gets lost after she leaves Link in OoT and dies :'(
    Midna gets jealous of her and kills her :'(
    She burns because she never had a Goron Tunic in the Fire Temple :'(
    She drowns because she never had a Zora Tunic in the Water Temple :'(
    She DOESN'T DIE ^_^

    ^There will always be a war because people are ignorant to other people. I agree, but we don't need to start a war...

    The war in Afganistan was definitely fine to start, they did attack us on 9/11. Then Bush goes on about Iraq, so suddenly. We invade it. What? So many people said no... moms, dads, children, adults, elderly, people in power, people in wealth, people in poverty, but he didn't listen. He went in, and now most everyone hates it in the world. We've lost points upon points in World Opinion due to him, and I don't want to even start on Torture and Spying...

    The War in Iraq was a mistake to enter... but it's unwinable... unless everyone dies @_@ the people are that desperate... it's sad that no one will listen to reason sometimes...

    Terrorism is bad, horrible stuff. They try to kill and strike fear into the hearts of millions by killing themselves... but they hate us so much as to they will do something as rash as 9/11... the best we can do to stop it is to simply try to win over their (and the rest of the world's) opinion. Look at other compromises that have worked over well in the world; it seems so much better than doing war...

    It's terrible what some people do to animals... they think animals are some kind of lower "sub-human" or something but the truth is they are alive, just as we are and have a perfect right to life.

    I didn't know this existed @_@ thanks for bringing this to my attention @_@

    I think that we shall destroy ourselves before the sun becomes a red giant and evaporates all the water on our planet.

    However, places such as Europa, which were once extremely icy, could be more inhabitalble due to the Sun's warmth.

    Oh, and Tornado Warnings mean nothing... only once did a Tornado hit our house and that was before we moved in here... but I heard our garage's roof was totally gone @_@

    I've heard Tornadoes sound like trains when they get close...

    Anyway, simply go to your basement, stay away from windows and you'll be fine if a Tornado ever comes anyone's way...