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    This is barely what I have said to the members of ZD, but with some slight changes:

    Well I've been depending my life on forums for nearly a year now, and it has consumed me for the most part. Lately, I have been thinking that it's time to move on with my life, and attempt to actually do something with it. (Maybe...Iono...Get...Outside 0_0) I've had many good times on sites such as ZD, and becoming super mod has been a great opportunity, but things change, and I am not exactly putting my time to good use here anymore.

    "But mailduck, can't you still come here every once in a while?" Sorry, but the answer is no. Honestly, I have lost any love I've had towards online sites, I feel like I've wasted a year when I could have been doing other things...My life has changed greatly these days (despite the fact that I've been up to nothing really) and I really don't want places like this standing in my way. (If you don't know what I mean, don't ask) I feel I'm becoming more mature as I grow older, and the sad truth is, forum sites are helping me become even more mature at times, because the lack of common sense in society helps me to see how much I would hate to look so idiotic.

    Don't get me wrong though, I've met some pretty remarkable people, and I am more than grateful for what any of you have done for me. Well if you would like to keep in touch, I have MSN still, so I wouldn't mind a message every once in a while from a few of you. (When I saw a few, you know who you are) But online can be a dangerous place, and it took many people hitting on me to help me realize that no matter where you are, when there's good guys, there also has to be bad guys.

    I guess my super mod position should go to the one who deserves it most. I didn't even deserve the position in the first place. It was all on popular opinion for the most part, and I've barely been around since I recently joined. The only members who actually knew the job I could perform are the members from ZD. I would like to wish good luck to whoever receives my position.

    So yeah, I'm leaving every forum I belong to for good, thus ending mailduck's grand adventures through online foruming...Sorry it has to be this way, but it just does...So just remember this:Life is short, do you really want to squaller it all on online forums? I wish you best of luck LOTT, I hope you and your team do well for the site. See you guys. xx

    Well I'm sure things over here will be a lot more enjoyable for you. Welcome, hope you make many posts and stay active.

    P.S. Your avatar is very simple, but I love it, has to be the font. :P

    I was surprised to hear of tornadoes. Over here in Virginia, it's been around 30 degrees for ages, then out of nowhere it warmed to 69 degrees. (Or close to that) It is nice, but at the same time disappointing, for it feels like near Summer, and yet it's going to get all Wintery again soon. I really hate the cold as well...

    Well as I always say "a good Cap'n must always go down with his ship" but looking at the facts, I guess this isn't one of those cases. Well I hope things in the future change around here, so that you will reconsider and decide to rejoin...Who else is going to pick out my avatars for me? .__.

    Well I have also resolved to not procrastinate that much. It's gotten very bad lately, and I need to put an end to it if I'm expecting to pass school this year. I also am planning on working on controlling my temper more, and being less lazy. Well I'm just naturally sick from depression so that's why I'm lazy, but I can still do better than how I currently am.

    But then again I make resolutions every year, and never follow up to them...Kinda sucks...

    Well I'm alright at electric guitar. I'm terrible at reading music when it comes to instruments, but I can make up pretty decent songs.

    I am best at piano/keyboard. I can play songs by ear like Zelda games etc. and I know how to play a bunch of classical music. (Which is strange because it's not exactly my favorite musical gendre...)

    No, you shouldn't make it so that only a certain group of people volunteer to make sigs (like I did on ZG) instead, you should just make it so that someone here requests a sig, and anyone can say that they'll make it for them, for everyone's sig making skills and creativity vary, so maybe that will work out much better.

    All the other newbies like dinosuar and green_rupee... and others that I can't seem to remeber...:
    I've enjoyed talking to yall, actualy. It gives me chances to help people which I enjoy to do. Thanks a bunch =D

    I know I forgot some people, so just post and I'll add you to my "list".

    I'm feeling very unloved in this thread between you and Cutflake...Haha

    Anyways, I'll throw something together:

    Beta: Me and Beta go long ways back, from me shipping him over iced coffee to all these games on xD Well we don't talk much anymore, but he's still one of my favorite site members. From being a really fun member to a great and caring mod.

    Twistkill: He's a great guy. Smart, caring, a little rough around the edges, but he knows how to get things done. I really don't see how he doesn't get ladehs where he lives...Shrukan's lucky to have a guy as great as you.

    Shrukan: Though you can be vicious at times, I think you're a strong leader, and when you put your anger aside, you really can do great things for sites. Also, you're pretty fun to talk to. :P So thanks for everything you've contributed to this site.

    Spiff: One of the few A.D.H.D seeming members that I can tolerate. He always seems to make members laugh, and I love his obsession with waffles.

    Captain Cutflake: We seem to get along, but at the same time we seem to not get along. You have an amazing use of vocabulary for your age, no any age. I wish my vocab was as great as yours. :P Also, you look quite nice in your business man's

    Tyway: Haven't really talked to you a whole lot, but by reading your posts, you are a great member and respectable admin. Thank you for all of your contributing.

    Black Mage: I know him from ZD real well. He's a ladies man (or so he thinks) but he's a great member and is always there for someone to talk to when you need him most.

    Well, I'll add more if I had forgotten anyone important.