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    You can say to hate school, but if you do, and you think you really mean it, consider this. You are a young individual. School is your ONLY way to making it into maturity with at least some form of normal lifestyle. Even better, school is your life, it is the primary thing that you should be worrying about and also the only way you can achieve something in your current lifetime.

    If one spends entire nights on MMORPG and because of that falls asleep in school, that someone should ask himself, WHAT have I achieved actually? When the MMORPG runs dry of players; when it gets outdated and people play better newer games, your three level XX characters will be worth absolutely nothing.

    Same goes for here. No matter how many time you invest in your site and your fanship of Zelda, it won't get you better grades in school and thus won't be beneficial to your future. Whenever you're feeling down because of school and impulsively decide to not want to go there anymore, consider what other options you have. you HAVE to go to school and finish it. If it is finished, a glorious life lays before you. If you don't go/do not finish it, you will spend your entire life mourning over that.

    So I would advise anyone who says to hate school to reconsider that, because you really don't...

    Thank you very much for the comments. Now that I reread it again after about 12 months after I finished it, I feel the quintessential tendency to edit it again.

    But I'm not going to, its fine as it is now, for it is written with the best of my efforts back then, and I shouldn't repudiate that. The legacy of mistakes and cringe-worthy aspects of this story hopefully only confirms that I can do better now.

    Yea, I know, I'm modest perhaps, but it's just because of my golden rule; One can always improve.

    I didn't really like it. I'm kind of a spoiled reader, and this isn't to my satisfaction.

    I can go and make an essay about what you could improve, but I guess I'll leave it up to you. If you want to know what I mean, take a good read here. You are especially missing out on the Detail part.

    Don't let these critics stop you from writing the story. You can only improve :)

    Well I have made my point, and I agree on the fact that if it should continue I at least will do it through PM.

    I have a wide opinion, but it is indeed to nobody's interest to share it now. Given the fact that one member already used a censored word shows the escalation, which is a terrible conclusion. Somebody Lock this topic, and do not re-open it.

    Unfortunately, I cannot trust your unreliable so-called "source" then.

    He's more reliable than the internets we have all become so dependent of. Moreover, such distrust gives me the impression that you just don't want to believe that our Universities are that bad. Give me proof that they are so good then. Recent proof.

    Captain Cutflake previously stated to not care for the members and is not here to moderate the topics but just for the personal sake of the forums. Therefore, I ask Captain Cutflake to stop moderating around here and leave the members for once. Twistkill is a super mod and therefore he will decide what will happen here.

    Lord Of The Twilight agreed with me that I was only admin for the skin, layout and organization of Eternal Hyrule.

    Even though I realize a normal admin participates in the events of the forum, too, well, I don't.

    I hereby close this topic, to abuse my powers for once.

    If so, then don't act as a moderator. You are doing so in various topics. Dictatorship without the compassion of a moderator is deemed to fail unless you totally distance yourself..

    Shrukan, I'm almost very sure that this action of yours is very impulsive and you will regret it. Indeed, if there was one member that kept the community alive in the foggy times, then it was you Shrukan. You can't keep it at that

    Now shall I go ontopic. Or.. to what has been made ontopic...

    Captain Cutflake please don't feel attacked each time. What you are doing morally degrades the members. You should try to not feel attacked. If Ichigo wants to be offensive to you, which you know she doesn't, I think you would notice. You've now pulled this thread away from Shrukan towards your own individual, very nice. Even though I don't agree with the topic initiatlly (not connected to the above peptalk, I think this topic is a shout for attention while Shrukan is experiencing hard times.)

    I've had comments about too much personal remarks on myself as well, and really Cutflake, if you want to be a better admin, cease glorifying your own individuality and with that stop your attempts to rectify personally perceived critics on your self as an admin. You can express your superiority through subtle remarks, or by just being smarter than those 'hostile' members in the discussion. At least that is not achieved by these overly defensive replies against members totally not supporting your credibility, and neither is it by venerating your good traits by yourself. Isn't it way more satisfying to have other members tell you that, instead of you having to repeat them, only for the good your own psyche?

    Such things like:


    I'm getting the idea now everyone suddenly wishes to exterminate me, actually.

    Show me that you have a totally unsupported and unfounded impression. It gives me the impression that you can't take critics, and try to fix them for yourself by dramatizing or even demonizing them in presence of the other members. You can't even take the slightest HINT of critics.. :/ (going by Ichigo's example)

    Yes, these are critics, critics on the fact that you can't take them. And I sincerely hope you won't take it that you are ''disappointed''. You're not anyones elder.

    Oh and I shall be honest, if Shrukan leaves and there is a replacement needed, I would certainly apply. But I am not doing so now, with the impression that it is an impulsive action made by her in a bad mood, and she will regret it. Ofcourse Cutflake won't vouch for me anymore, if he ever would.

    Can't you just type #kick or #ban here? ;)

    I know it's quite retarded what's bein done here. Heard of it from several sites. Eidos abusing their power, obviously. The main thing you have to see however is the Vidoe Review, which you can find on YouTube. Really, this guy totally dumps the game into the sewer and pisses over it again, rarely seen in a professional game review. In the video review it's like he'd rather give it a 4 instead of a 6. But that would I guess be absolutely no-go. No big budget title ever gets a bad mark, whereas six is still acceptable. I think the video review really got Eidos pissed over and made him get fired. It's a sad thing :/

    It's rather funny, though. There is no source mentioned initially.

    So, basically, you can't support your claim.

    My source is my well educated dean who supports me in my school choice. He kindly advises me to seek over the border. But I'm seriously considering Wageningen, so...

    Sources aren't always on the internetz

    I have played it for a brief time a few years ago. I had no specific strategy for my deck. Just a bunch of 4-star 1800 attack and 6 star - 2400 attack monsters, and a few strategies involving a number of cards.

    I remember having this combo with one Monster, Protector of the sanctuary, 1100-1900, which had this effect that didn't allow players to draw cards outside their draw-step in the beginning of a turn, in combination with one of the famous ''discard your hand, and draw a new one'' magic cards. They couldn't draw new ones... hehe.

    I also had the Solarflare Dragon. This dragon, it was a Pyro, could not be attacked if there was another Pyro in the field. So if you had two Solarflare dragons in play, they essentially could not be destroyed by attacks. Now, this wasn't so much of a big deal, unless you calculate in the fact that each of the dragons deals 500 instant damage to the oponents life-force each turn. That's essentially two invincible dragons dealing you 1000 instant damage.

    That's all I remember from it :). I did like that game, won a few tournaments with it, but now I stepped over to the more advanced Magic the Gathering. It's more fun imo.

    I would really want to pull The Netherlands from your list of best educational countries in the world. Really, why do you think there is so much of a hassle around middle school systems, shortage of teachers, lesson quality, and level of university.

    The level of dutch students on the universities is sorry to say, generally abysmal! Dutch students don't do a ****ing thing for their study, they only care about beer, sex and rock & roll. There is NO motivation whatsoever on our universities to make them do their job. On top of that, and a reason for that, most universities are hopelessly old and dusty, with a lot of need for improvement. The only good university we have is the one in Wageningen.

    I can only agree with your statement on Japan. Japan still has a society heavily leaning on the students' accomplishments. In here we only care about the certificate at the end of the study, and it doesn't matter whether it is filled with grades that just only pass the minimum level. In japan, the general dutch graduate would be nowhere..

    Really, Captain Cutflake, if there is one country you forgot out there, then it is Finland. A third of that country's labour force is an academic graduate..