Your favourite NES games

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    It doesn't matter if you still have them or they are old memories.
    It doesn't matter if your tastes have changed since you played them last.

    I want to know what NES games have left a positive mark for you. What games are you fond of from the NES. I actually welcome you share with us some memories and even how different you might perceive these games now from back when they were originally released.

    What are, or were, your favourite NES games?

  • I Don't know if I can share games out of Zelda, but

    Antartic Adventures

    I had spend hours and hours playing this game! I laughed so hard playing this game!
    There was always a foca annoying, but really cute. :p

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    Mine was Rygar. I loved it. I'd play it daily from beginning, sometimes I would try not to turn off the system to continue in the afternoon or next morning if a weekend but I would always die with the bull-boss. Which is a shame because he is actually pretty easy to defeat once you understand how to avoid the attacks. Only recently I managed to beat the game and see the ending.

    Rygar hd the things I liked in Zelda before knowing Zelda. It was an adventure game with an interesting world to explore. It was challenging, had very nice tunes too. I really like it. Even today.

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    SUPER MARIO BROTHERS!! was my favourite, I could not stop playing this as a kid.My parents used to get so mad as I was just so engaged in the game. I loved this game as a kid, and wished I ad the game this day so I could keep playing it.

    That game is still pretty good even today. XD

    Super Mario Bros. 3 was another game I loved for the NES. I nevr beat it, but I was also hooked to it. The few times my mum joined in were crazy. I have great childhood memories with it.

  • Super Mario Bros 3 was amazing. I spent so much time playing that game, although I wasn't very good at it at the time, lol. I think I only got as far as world 4, then I lost all my save data and gave up. I still go back to it occasionally on Wii virtual console. It's better than some of the new Super Mario games, in my opinion.

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    Ninja Gaiden 2 was always my favorite as a kid, though I was rarely able to beat the spider boss at the end of the third level. And I don't think I ever got very far at all in the fourth level. Fuck that shit.

    Dragon Warrior was also a favorite of mine. The art on the cartridge was so evocative, and the open world exploration of the game was so new and exciting at the time. I've played DW all the way through twice as an adult (once on an emulator, and once on the cartridge when I got it.) It really is a dull, boring game. But I have a fond place in my heart for it.

    Oh, and the original Castlevania is still the only Castlevania game that I like very much at all.

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    I had Dragon Warrior as a kid. When I think of it I think of this music:

    And being in the town and having to chose the right interaction from a big selection.
    I didn't never progress with it. I just would wannder in the town and then go explored and get killed until I got bored with it for the day, hahah.

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    For me it's all about the title theme:

    I played it pretty much the same way when I was a kid. Wandering around, getting in battles, occasionally the fights were too tough and I died, and eventually I'd get bored. It wasn't until I was an adult that I actually made any kind of progress at all in the game.

    I think the best part of the game is actually the dungeons. You really have to make your own maps to be successful at them, and the layout of the game was so blocky that you could easily use graph paper to make your maps by filling in the squares with walls in them.

    Making your own maps is the kind of thing that we don't really get to do in video games anymore. And DW made it so easy that it actually ended up being really fun.

  • Dragon Warrior, Crytallis, Final Fantasy III, Zelda II; tAoL, tLoZ.

    They are really nice to play, I love all rpgs. So fun to play.

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    I think for me, the language barrier also played a big part in no progressing much with DW. I didn't understand much other than "open", haha.
    I actually would like to try it again sometime but I am not sure if I'll have the patience for it.

    Another of my favourite games is Charlie Circus. :3
    I am not sure if we used to rent this game or how I got to know it.

  • MY favorite would be Contra I played it recently on Jnes emulator to refresh memories but this time i used cheats to finish the game hahaha unlike when I first played it.. It was really tough to beat I remember

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